Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I am Back

It's been 2 years since the day I stopped writing on this wall. Maybe there's nothing much to write or maybe my writings were actually maimed so badly. Nevertheless, let's start all over again.

I am Nazrin Qayyum Azis, a guy that admires people who befriend to others sincerely, not for some hidden agendas. People with darker skin complexion usually call me Qayyum while those with white skin and small eyes call me Nazrin. Those with hairy face and body who came from the middle Earth call me Abdul Qayyum. And no, I'm not a racist because I am black. Black people are not racists. Believe it or not, there are more people call me Max.

I am a guy. Not a gay, and yes, I fall in love to girl, not to guy. Nowadays, it's important to state this thing because they are just so many gays here - they are everywhere. They're like bankers in the morning but  werewolves at night. It's just so hard to know. And yes I admit Malay guys here in Brisbane do look attractive to those international gay guys. Maybe they want to mix Mocha in their Latte in a wrong wrong way.

Like what my frequently panic Arabian mate always said, "Masyallah, brotherrrr! Let me find a sisterrrrr for you if you're lonely ya brotherrrr. Dont find another brotherrrr, ya my brotherrrr. But of course you have to marrrryy her first."

I don't mind to mix some Mocha in the Latte, in a right way of course. The right way I meant  is different genders.

A few months ago, there was a shocking news when a Tawau guy who resides in Gold Coast had made a transsexual surgery, turning his pipe into nothing. Puff! Magical! It's gone! Typical small town with full of small talks like Tawau, although distanced by 2000+ km also can spread so rapid. Surprisingly, the guy who shocked the most due to the unfortunate pipe-missing event was my dad. That was the first moment in my life where he ever said to me "Yum, dah sampai dah masa untuk cari girlfriend. Sebenarnya, ada girlfriend tu tak kacau study pun, 2013."

Too much ironies compared to his words few years back. "Jangan ada girlfriend Yum, nanti study terkacau, 2008."

I am a guy who comes from a not-so-pious/religious family. A family that wants me to have a stable self-economy first then only allows me to get marry. A family that hold the concept "Tak pe la, girlfriend la dulu. Kahwin ini bukan benda yang senang." Of course la when you try to speak this to an Uztaz or Sheikh, you gonna have a bad bad time.

However,  long story short, Alhamdulillah, I still have strong feelings towards not guys but girl. To Baba (my dad), usah khuatir Ba. Qayyum pengen bangat sama cewek, bukan cowok-cowok. Cuma nnggak bisa2 dapatin girlpren karna nggak ada orang yang minat sama Qayyum lagi Ba.

He's the guy whom I share most of my life stuff to. I tell him everything. Believe it or not, I even told him when I bought new underpants from Cotton On after a possum took my old underpants away. I hope it was a possum but putting a blame on someone also logical.

He's the only guy who won't hang up his phone only after I replied him, 'I love you too Ba!". If i hang up without those five magical words, he'll call me back instantly.

Maybe that's why he's so scared that I'm such a loser and turn into a gay.

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  1. No worry... i will always be there for u. <3